Spring Quarter classes 2023

April 3-June 22

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Below are the NextWork Independent Living classes for spring quarter, 2023. These classes are open to neurodiverse individuals or anyone who wants to learn a bit more about independent living skills. To download a registration form, scroll to the end of this post.

Here are some descriptions of the classes.

Executive Functioning is the mental process that allows us to make decisions, multitask, and critically think.  During this class, we will learn how to filter out distractions, prioritize tasks, set goals, achieve goals, and control our impulses. A main concept for this class is to critically think, understand how we process information, and learn the importance of where our information comes from.  Asking the right people good questions allows us to get the right information in order for us to proceed along the right path. Executive functioning is being in charge of ourselves, the CEO of self.  At the end of this class, the students are given information to understand time management, understand the working memory, have mental flexibility, and self-control.

Along with executive functioning, we will also be talking about social interactions and how to have healthy relationships while using effective communication skills.

This is a mighty class with a lot to offer. It is 90 minutes long. Mondays, 5:00-6:30 PM, $250 for the term.

Community Outings with Jody–these outings will begin at NextWork and will usually involve transit to a fun location chosen by Jody and the participants. This is a fun way to get used to using transit, meet new people, try new things in the valley, and get some activity. Tuesdays from 2-4PM. $250 for the term.

Finances and Professional Practices–This class will show the students how to budget monthly spending, how to start and manage savings accounts, and plan for the future.  Our instructor will also give different options to track spending and plan for expenses using different applications.  This is an important class that allows our students to learn to become financially responsible and grow with the confidence of being able to live on their own. We will also cover the importance of professional behavior with interactions around money–banking, paying bills, shopping, and resolving purchase disputes. A bonus topic–how commerce works and why it’s important to work, pay taxes, and pay your bills. 90 minutes long, Tuesdays 5-6:30 PM. $250 for the term.

Setting Boundaries, Mental Health and Meditation–this class focuses on the importance of setting your own boundaries and of respecting the boundaries of others. Not only are boundaries vital for good mental health, but a clear understanding your boundaries can help you establish healthy relationships and manage stress. Meditation will include a variety of activities this term, with a focus on identifying the best ways to self-care, including setting boundaries and communicating about those boundaries. A bonus topic–how does your body hold on to stress, trauma, and anxiety? How can movement and meditation improve your physical health? 90 minutes long, Wednesdays 5-6:30 PM. $250 for the term.

Thursday night activities are free activities unless the group attends an event with an entrance fee, such as a movie, venue, or restaurant. In these cases, each participant will pay for their own admittance, we will cover transportation. PLEASE TEXT 385-715-5376 WITH YOUR NAME AND INTENT TO ATTEND A THURSDAY NIGHT ACTIVITY. We will need to know how many people to plan on so we can staff the activity accordingly. Activities in the community will happen monthly, usually the first Thursday of the month:

April 6–movie at Century 16

May 4–Picnic in the Park, weather permitting

June 1–Farmer’s Market

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