Independent Living

Independent Living

NextWork Reserves Ten Apartments at the Hub of Opportunity for Students who are Ready for Independent Living

NextWork leases 10 apartments located in the Hub, just above the NextWork space. These apartments are designated for individuals who agree to participate in our program for the term of their lease, including enrollment in our classes and participation in our social activities. Residents who enjoy the program and demonstrate a consistent level of participation may renew their lease up to 2 times. At the end of the three years, we will assist them in finding a new apartment so that someone from our wait list can move into the apartment and benefit from added security and peace of mind.  Residents have access to NextWork amenities daily from 8am to 10pm and our staff includes an on-site residential manager. For more information 

about our residential option, please fill out the “contact us” form.

NextWork’s Academy of Independent Living offers a broad range of classes designed for adults with a variety of learning styles and abilities. As a licensee of First Place, AZ, we use Learn4Independence™ curriculum as well as community engagement and supported living services to give students hands-on experience with skills associated with adulthood.

Classroom learning gives the students understanding of the concepts of independence and adulthood, while hands-on experience in the community adds context and meaning to the classroom learning. Our classes also offer

opportunities to engage socially and bond with peers taking the same strides into independence. 

Our classes are designed to provide support and training for individuals living away from their parents for the first time.  Our direct support staff use NextWork amenities to teach some skills, and arrange activities in the community to teach others. Individualized to the student needs, staff can even come to the student’s apartment to provide education in the student’s own context for an added layer of concrete learning.

For a list and brief description of our classes, click here.


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