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In Cooperation with Vocational Rehabilitation, NextWork Employment Services Provides Assessments, Job Coaching,
and Retention Services to Help Individuals with Autism Find Lasting Employment

In Cooperation with Vocational Rehabilitation, NextWork Employment Services Provides Assessments, Job Coaching, and Retention Services to Help Individuals with Autism Find Lasting Employment

The NextWork Assessments

Client taking assessment

The Nextwork Employment process begins with unique, strengths-based assessments designed to remove anxiety from the situation and provide an opportunity for our clients to show their strengths. 

Using Lego robotics kits, we observe the client’s visual spatial ability, what type of learner they are, how they handle questions and challenges, and their problem recognition and solving skills. 

The assessment is a key element in identifying a career path and where an individual is in their progression to their job of choice. Following the assessment, we make recommendations for next steps, which include Job Readiness Training or Job Development. We also may have a group class on career exploration or workplace behavior. Our group classes combine traditional learning with applied activities to give students an opportunity to practice what they learn. 

Job Readiness, Development, & Coaching 

This training includes exploration of skills to identify career paths and different ways to begin a path to a more specific job in a chosen field. 

This path may include additional education and certification, social skills training, and/or life skills training. Some of this training is provided by NextWork classes. If we don’t offer needed training, we recommend other organizations or schools that can provide that training. Job Readiness Training is an individualized, hourly service provided by our Life-Skills Coaches or our Employment Specialist. 

Job Readiness

Job Readiness, Development, & Coaching

NextWork Adacemy Friendships

If students have never held a job, or they have been out of the workforce for a while, they may join our Learn to Work program. This program provides work experience at Columbus or one of our community partner locations, with Columbus staff overseeing their progress. NextWork staff check in weekly with supervisors at the job site to see how the student is progressing with things like attendance, communication with their supervisor, productivity, attitude, and general work ethic. As students demonstrate their growth and preparation, they may move into job development and begin looking for a job in the community. When individuals are ready to start working in the community and are able to take an entry level position if offered, we engage in Job Development. We develop resumes and cover letters and assist our clients in networking, which may include creation of a LinkedIn account. We assist clients in preparing for interviews and go to job fairs so that they can practice introducing themselves and giving an ‘elevator speech.

Job Coaching includes identifying reasonable accommodations and supporting both the employer and the employee to establish good communication, clear expectations for the employee, and natural supports on the job. Our coaches also can act as mediators when there are misunderstandings and can provide extra training for our clients as needed.

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Employer Training

By supporting the employer as well as the employee, we can better accomplish our goal of comprehensive support while helping our business partners build an inclusive workplace and a diverse workforce with hard-working, loyal employees.

Employer Training with the NextWork Academy

Other Employment Programs


Columbus Connects is an excellent program for high school students who are interested in career exploration. Often, these same students are referred back to NextWork for continued support after they graduate from high school.


NextWork collaborates with Columbus’s Supported Employment team to increase employment opportunities for all of our clients.


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