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NextWork presenting at Scenic View Autcon!

Scenic View is the place for autists to be this weekend! A conference for autists, by autists, with only a few NTs running around.

NextWork will be presenting there as well, featuring our Residential Manager, Taylor Walters. Here’s a link to the bio and description of our presentation. Just keep scrolling down until you find Taylor.

Choose your Hard

One of the things we like to do at NextWork is choose a theme for each quarter. We’ll be combining a few of our themes from the past year in our presentation–Choose Your Hard, and Growth Mindset. Taylor is always reading something to lift him and stretch him beyond where he is comfortable. He often points out that our job is not to make our clients comfortable, it’s to help them to recognize that they can push through adversity and keep going; to teach them that they have more inner strength than they think, and they can develop the grit to be successful adults. He finds a lot of our themes online, but he tweaks them and adds to them in a way that makes them relatable and realistic. Here’s something he sent me on “Choose Your Hard.”

Struggling is hard. Becoming Successful is hard too. Living a modest life is hard. Living an extravagant lifestyle and maintaining it is hard too. Being scared about taking off your shirt at the pool is hard. Consistently eating right and exercising to get abs to show off at the pool is hard too. The question is…which hard do you want to choose? Life is hard no matter if you are lazy… or if you get up and get things done. You just have to choose which “hard” you want in your life. But let me tell you something… It’s easier to get your ass to the gym and work out than it is to look in the mirror EVERY SINGLE DAY and hate the way you look. It’s easier to work a few hours extra every week than it is to regret how your life just went by and you did nothing. Go for the hard life that you want for yourself… not the hard life that happens because of your inactions.

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Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset

We hope you can attend Autcon to hear Taylor discuss this and our other theme–probably the most important theme that supports everything we do in NextWork–Adopt a Growth Mindset.


More on a Growth Mindset! This is such an important concept to understand and point of view to adopt!

For more on Growth Mindset, check out

It’s easy to get stuck in life. Easy to get complacent and comfortable, especially when you feel so much anxiety about… well, everything. Relationships are hard. Work is hard. Setting goals and actually working to accomplish them is hard. And sometimes we fail. All of us do. But failure isn’t a bad thing. It’s an opportunity to grow. So, let’s grow together.

See you at Autcon!

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